The services that we offer to the cruise ships are various, first of all it is the safe tranportation of the passengers, cruisers, from the ships to the ports: Athinios or Old port of Fira (Cable Car), but we also provide the services of mooring, when are coming ships that want to birth at the buoy, transportation of goods that needs the cruise ship or that it needs to drop off.

Owning 18 passenger vessels means that we can transport at the same time more than 1850 passengers and with the highspeeds that could reach the vessels (up to 27 mph) we are able to offer a safety, fast and comfortable service to all the cruise ships coming to Santorini.

Through the years we established a strong relationship with all the cruise companies we work with ( e.g. Msc, Costa, Louis Cruises, Carnival Cruises, TUI, Cunard , Holland America Lines, EtsTur, Aida Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines,Seabourn ).

As the picture on the right shows, the vessels go close to the cruise ship in order to birth to dock and let the passengers get on board safety, this is an easy operation for our personnel that is qualified and high certified, but it is the most important part of our job, embarkation and desembarkation are the moments where we show our professionalism as no one can equate, the captain and the boatmen are full concentrate to the wind & sea conditions and checking at 360″ what is surrounding them, in order to procede safety and by the fastest way possible to carry out our task.

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