The greatest investment and the most precious asset of the Boatmen Union is its manpower. For us the personnel is the basic of all, we invest continuesely in training and stages that improve the knowledge and the professionalism of our staff. A well trained, qualified and specialised staff guarantees to the Union the awareness that we can manage every circumstance by the best way. As already happened, the Union’s personnel had a primary role in the evacuation of the Sea Diamond (2007), first aid for the Prevelis (2014) and so many other cases in the whole south aegean where the experience and the training, of our boatmen saved lives.

The union employs 60 sailors, 9 technicians, 8 persons for the safe harbor deboarding, 6 linesmen and 6 administrative staff.

Our worthy boatmen, holding the long Greek naval expertise, guarantee for conveying not only their experience to new generations of sailors, but their love for the sea. Alongside the political staff of the Union, with respect to the history of the Company and of the island, we are always willing to direct service to residents – tourists etc, whenever needed.