President’s Welcome Note

Seventy years have gone by since the first Boatmen undertook the difficult and critical mission to fill the only gap nature has left in Santorini: a safe harbor.

I feel proud of the fact that so dynamic and active people honor me by entrusting me with the responsibility of the Union’s management. This constant renewal of trust affirms my correct interpretation of their demand for financial robustness, high quality services and social contribution.

Those people demand continuous training, adoption of the highest safety specifications and use of all advanced technologies. Thanks to its excellent manpower, the Union has been recognized on the domestic and European level: Cruise Ship Owners and Shipping Agencies Association (EEKFN) and European Boatmen Union (E.B.A.), vice-president of IBLA, International Boatmen’s Linesman’s Association.

We, Santorin’s Boatmen, have inherited a great history. The pioneers of the 1940’s, who drove the island’s development with their primitive wooden vessels, have left us the legacy of a heavy responsibility. We have the obligation to acquire their naval skill, to enlarge their visions and help as much as possible the place for the sake of which they labored and were tossed at sea.

We are the heirs of a great legacy and our daily effort is simply to prove we deserve it.

                                                                   Gerasimos Kanakaris

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