Another service but not of less importance, that the Union offers since 1945 is the mooring of the ships, vessels, ferries or yachts in the area of the new port, Athinios and as well at the old port, where we provide two kind of birthing: at the dock and off shore at the buoys. It represents for us an important sector of our job, because it is not just a service for the shipping companies, it is a fundamental service for the islanders that live on the island all the yearlong,  if the cruise ships period is limited to 8 months, this is not true for the mooring, we berth vessels 12 months per year, 365 days on 365, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, we are proud to offer a qualitative service that through the years has changed a lot, because of the continuous evolution of the ships that are growing and becoming faster.

We have a professional qualified and certified mooring team that boasts years of experience and extremely high nautical technical knowledge. We also have a mooring boat called “Agios Nikolaos dedicated” to this job.