At Boatmen Union Santorini, the safety and security of our guests and crew is our highest priority and fundamental to our operations. Our marine safety record over our 20-year history clearly illustrates our commitment to the safety of the millions of guests and crew that sail on our ships. The measures we take in the interest of safety are many, with our ships often exceeding what is required by regulatory authorities – these are all part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in every aspect of our business.

Our officers and crew conduct weekly, monthly and annual extensive training, certification and scenarios in preparation for the very unlikely event of an emergencyAll of our ships have sufficient lifesaving craft to accommodate every guest and crew member onboard, as well as additional capacity in reserve.


The development of the technology it’s one of the main reason of the lack of security and safety in the sea, in the ports, of the ships and people (passengers and staffs).

The ships and the vessels are growing tons and volume and our ports are still the same from several years, the B.U. Santorini also on this hand has the horizon to the future giving to the Innovation a key role: Innovation for Development, it means:

  1. Investing in Personnel Training
  2. Keep high level of professionalism and specialization of the crew
  3. Research new technologies for our vessels in order to provide higher quality, higher safety and security at Sea for all the people involved in the operations of disembarkation/embarkation of/from the Cruise Ships.
  4. Better hulls with better Flotation behavior that ensures much more stability also in bad weather conditions; use of Stabilizers to reduce the ship’s roll due to wind or waves.
  5. Anti-Pollution Policy: Invest in new marine engines with high performances but low C02 emissions in respect of the Ambient
  6. Much more comfortable boats to keep up to the Cruise Ships standards.

The B.U. Santorini since many years follows this policy in order to provide the best quality at the best rate, offering the highest services’ quality certified by Lloyd’s Register.

We strongly believe in Innovation for Development of the Safety & Security level to prevent accidents and preserve human life.


Boatmen Union of Santorini is a proud Gold Executive Partner of Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). On the occasion to of this announcement, Mr. Gerasimos Kanakaris stated the following: “The Boatmen Union of Santorini join together in unity with the CLIA Port & Destination Community and look forward to a strong and beneficial relationship with CLIA and the Cruise Industry.”


Since 1990 The Boatmen Union Santorini has been really active also on European and International level for what concerner the boatmen services to ensure qualitative services and high safety and security standards. 

On 2014 The President Gerasimos Kanakaris has been voted as Vice President of the IBLA, the International Boatmen’s Linesmen’s Association. Just a month ago the IMO voted the Guidelines of Minimum Standards needed for Boatmen and all the mooring personnel. It was an important goal that was the main one of IBLA, recognizing the fundamental role of the Boatmen means recognizing the need of professionalism and qualifications that certify and ensure high Safety & Security Standards Level for the ships, the passengers, the crew, the infrastructures and in general for the human life that is involed in this kind of operations. 

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