Social and public services ( such as : in exceptional cases, our primary goal is Human security. Due to the technical features of our vessels (collateral, comfortable , modern technological ships and to our trained staff, we are able to connect more closely island in public services- moving public figures e.t c, either for the islands of our province (Anafi, Amorgos, Ios, Small Cyclades).

Specifically , our fully equipped technologically vessels , are able to move from their base in Santorini during the whole year , both after consultation, or after extraordinary circumstances (transfer schools from our District, Fire boat in middle of the sea , necessary patient transport etc.) .

 At the same time , we have organized training sessions for local schools with the main purpose of the presentation of our shipyard and beyond all  our Union .

Throughout the year , we are close to the research study and protection of the volcano through both I.M.P.I.S. ( Institute for the Study and Monitoring of the volcano ) , and next to each researcher, scientist from Greek or Foreign Universities .

During the last 10 years we interened several times to help fishing boats, small yachts or ships in trouble, the most famous one happened on 2005 when our whole fleet (at that time only 11 vessels), was committed to disembark all the 2000 passengers of the cruise ship “Sea Diamond” that had crashed in Caldera of Santorini, sinking few hours later.

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