Our Shipyard is located close to Vlichada beach, at the very south part of the island, at  the beginning has been working just to repair and for mantening our vessels during the winter period, but from 2013, it has been renamed in “Santo Marine” a modern and technologically advanced shipyard able to design and build luxury touring passenger vessels completely made in fiberglass from our qualified staff.

The shipyard is organised in 6 different teams: technicians specialised in fiberglass, carpenters, mechanics, electronics/electricians, painters and designers, by this way whatever would need a boat we can do it by ourselves. This is very important for the island and the islanders because it involves a lot of people all the year long and ensure work and high quality life to its personnel.

The first boat that has been made completely in Santorini was the Garbis, a 26 meters fiberglass luxury passenger vessel that was launched on July 2013, after spending 1 year rennovating some of the old vessels, that are been completely changed and made as new, the last 9 months the whole shipyard personnel is involved in the creation of the future flagship of the Union Boatmen of Santorini, a 28 meters fiberglass vessel scrupulously finished, that will represent the top of this category vessels in Europe as tender/passenger vessel. This vessel will be used for the privates and VIP transfers to other islands around Santorini.

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